Do I want my data in the air?

Posted on 30th JUNE, 2019

As the world sits face-to-face with digitization, there is one word that the latter throws at us every now and then. While techies may catch it at one go, the rest of us just sit there getting beaten up pretty hard.


It is not like we, the IT-uninterested people, have not heard about it. And it is not like we have no clue of what it is– thank you Google Drive and One Drive! But whenever IT companies ask – “Want to upgrade from hardware data storage to cloud for your business?” – we go into a deep calculation of its possibilities and end up scrunching up our nose, and thinking – Do I let the suspicious and creepy new neighbour look after my child for a day at least?

You’d probably say no.

However, on a second thought, how about familiarizing with the advantages of a cloud? You might actually be surprised knowing how you can level up your company’s game.

Gain more flexibility

Among a chunk of responsibilities that you have of your business, don’t let a minor matter such as data storage be an added burden. Shift your attention from building unnecessary infrastructure and outdated resource to finding strategies to achieve your business goal and customer satisfaction. The flexibility and freedom of cloud storage allows you the ability to quickly meet business demands.

Improve security

Cybercrime is not a solved case definitely, but neither is internal theft. Instead of doubting your employees for data robbery, it might be better to have surveillance over the data on the cloud which are secured with encryptions and other security means.

Reduce costs

Shifting to cloud storage means you are planning ahead for the future, not just in terms of technological evolution, but also in cost saving and return of investment. Once you're on the cloud, you have easy access to your company's data, saving you a lot of time and money. Cloud also charges you for only the spaces your need or use – no more, no less.

Increase collaboration

As team members can view, edit and share information quickly and from anywhere, cloud computing makes collaboration a simple process.Letting you connect to employees across your organization, you will have an increased interest and engagement.

Control quality

Poor quality and inconsistent reporting are detrimental to the success of a business. In a cloud-based system, documents are stored in one place and in a single format, which helps to maintain consistency in quality of the data.

Approach sustainability

Given the current state of the environment, it has become increasingly important for businesses to do their part to help save the planet. Recycling bin is not enough – have a lesser carbon footprint by hosting on the cloud.

Having said all these, it is vital to establish a digital transformation office which is staffed with motivated and qualified experts with hands-on delivery experience. Businesses these days can choose various local Independent Software Vendors and IT companies to source security software from or partner with for managed services.

Looking at the pace global businesses are moving ahead the cloud computing industry is expected to grow massively by 2020. Completely aware about the competitive advantages and benefits like the ones mentioned above, businesses worldwide are making the most out of the technological advancement. So, why shouldn’t you?

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