IT assets grow and age quickly, and owning and operating an in-house infrastructure to manage your data can cost you valuable time and money. It’s time to harness the power of IT infrastructure and virtualization. the problem of storing their information and managing them.

However, the journey of digital transformation and expansion of your organization needs a clear direction in order to gain the most out of your IT investment. It requires experts who understand your business needs, and products to match with it. At Astral, we have just what you need.

Astral Computers Nepal believes that every customer, may it be small, medium or large sized businesses, deserve the same enterprise-class solutions. Hence, we have teamed up with world’s best technology vendors, and formed a team of certified engineers to bring the most reliable solution to our customers.


Astral Computers has a wide array of products from its certified partners on offer. From physical infrastructures to cloud, we provide trusted devices, enterprise-level servers and storage that defend your business from dangerous and costly cyber risks.

  • Server
  • Servers come into handy in a number of ways, especially when it has to operate in a unique network environment where the dependency of computers and hardware/software systems are very high. Install a trusted infrastructure, so that you don’t have to always restart or reboot to update hardware and software, have an advanced backup capacity for critical data, advanced networking performance, automatic data transfer between devices, and powerful security for data and memory protection.

  • Storage
  • With every advancement in storage devices, the ability to store more data increases, as well as save and access data becomes faster. Upgrading to those new devices does not only secure your data, but also make storage system more efficient.

  • Tape Library
  • While archiving data, it is necessary to specify how big the library backup or archival set will be, including factoring in data growth. If your data needs a less-costly, durable and longer shelf life, and needs frequent retrieving, then tape library is the suitable hardware infrastructure for your organisation.

Database, Middle-wares and Operating System

Store your information and data, such as sales transactions, product catalogs and inventories, and customer profiles in an aggregated and organized form for easy accessibility. These information and data can be effortlessly updated, changed or expanded at the entry of a new information in the Database.

Prevent interference between computations and facilitate interaction on different computers via network communication services. With Middleware you minimizes duplication of efforts and enhance collaboration between applications and operating system.

Manage computer hardware and software resources and receive common services for computer programs with an operating system.

Astral provides over various ranges of Database, middleware, Operating System Products from different certified brands. Over the years, the different database and middleware products we have supplied, configured and provided support to our clients over various verticals have helped businesses up their game.

Virtualization & Business Continuity Solution

A business is challenged with a variety of disasters, like system failures and datacenter destruction, in different parts of its lifecycle. The ability to maintain or recover essential functions and continue on services depends on the strength of its system.

The problem with traditional systems is that there are usually no guarantees your disaster recovery or hardware vendors will be able to duplicate the original hardware, either because it is outdated or inaccessible. Even if you can get the same hardware, you need to rebuild the environment from the ground up.

It is during this time, trouble starts erupting between you and your client, as lengthy downtime prolongs business processes.

Therefore, many businesses of new age have started their digital transformation through Virtualization. The modernized IT infrastructure not only improves customer experience, but also the agility, speed and scalability it generates help to achieve real business outcomes. It shapes the company to have a competitive edge and be future-ready.

Basically, with virtualization you are inheriting the following advantages over traditional recovery methods:

  • Breaking hardware dependency
  • Increased server portability
  • Elimination of severe downtime
  • Quick recovery of end-user devices

Astral Computers Nepal has a decade-long experience in such IT Solution and we can help your organization simplify the operation, accelerate your digital transformation and reduce risk of losing your precious data.


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