About Us

Driven by passion, built with expertise, and focussed on customer gratification, Astral Computers Nepal is a leading IT Hardware, Software and Solution provider, with experiences expanding over 12 years. Established in the year 2006 in Kathmandu, Nepal, the company has been providing complete packages of Systems Integration Services to organizations of various genres seeking the best technological solutions.

From designing and implementing systems of various sizes, from scratch to fully built structures, Astral Computers Nepal offers a wide range of Integrated Communication Technology services and after-sale services. We also work with existing systems to enhance, improve or extend the capacity.

Today, Astral Computers Nepal continues to invest in ICT industry and domain specific capabilities to assist customers maximize their returns on their technology investments. In each case, we strive to assemble a unique combination of technical and functional experts to address business challenges in the most cost-effective way possible. We have one of the best teams of experienced consulting and technical professionals who understand, suggest and fulfil your requirements. Ultimately, it is our capabilities to provide powerful customization – tailoring solutions specific to our client’s need that truly sets us apart.

Astral Computers Nepal is a system integrator offering diversified products and services for ICT and Telecom industries. We offer:

  • IT infrastructures - PCs, server, storage and peripherals
  • Networking (LAN/WAN) – routing, switching, wireless system, application optimization, IP telephony, virtualization, video conferencing, surveillance system
  • Security – complete network and system security including Edge and Branch, secure access and mobility, email, web etc.
  • Data Centre Solutions – infrastructure (conventional, prefabricated modular, containerized), network, security for both DC/DR sites.
  • Smart solutions -- integrated, validated solutions that are easy and fast to deploy: BYOD, virtualized infrastructure, virtual desktop, and industrial networking
  • Software – Enterprise Management Software like ERP and on demand software

We encourage our customers to combine technology in their business plan and operation to be future-ready and achieve their business goals smoothly and efficiently. By providing domain expertise and skills in IT infrastructure, enterprise applications and tools, risk and compliance consulting as well as reliable and long-term managed support Astral Computers Nepal helps companies keep up with the industry standards, remain updated on the newer technologies that quickly replaces the older versions of the same.

Quality Policy

We are committed to provide high quality ICT solutions and products that meet or exceed customer requirements by complying with statutory and regulatory requirements. In order to demonstrate this commitment the organization has adopted Quality Management System for ensuring superior business solutions through highly skilled employees. The organization will continually improve quality of services by involving regular training & review of Quality Objectives periodically.


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