Managing the IT infrastructure of an organization can be a very hectic work as one or the other problem always emerges everyday. You have an IT team dedicated to build strategies to achieve the overall organizational vision and goals. Instead of putting their energy and focus onto higher-level operational activities, the team will be busy solving and mending petty problems.

This is where Astral Computers come in with packages of Managed Services.

We provide you with quality and predictable service around your network, application, system and e-management services so that in-house IT can focus on more strategic IT programs. With this service, your team can exercise the freedom to focus on your business’ core competencies, rather than solving the employee’s issue.

As a part of Managed Services, Astral will develop a process and documentation for your day to day IT operations based on industry standard framework. It will also manage and monitor organizational IT backend system including your infrastructure and even provide the required resources at your place to meet the Service-Level Agreement.

With Astral’s Managed Service Provider at the center, your organization’s application services, data storage, network services, security and protection, IT services as well as the monitoring and management of all will be put right in place.


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